Tuesday, 25 November

ANKA status, Nigel Smale
BESSY status, Peter Kuske
SLS and Upgrade project status, Michael Ehrlichman
Status and ongoing projects at Synchrotron SOLEIL, Laurent Nadolski
Diamond Light Source status, Riccardo Bartolini
ESRF status and Upgrade, Pantaleo Raimondi
ALBA status, Francis Perez
Status and recent developments at ASTRID2, Niels Hertel
Status of the MAX IV accelerators, Magnus Sjöström
Status of PETRA, Rainer Wanzenberg
Status of Elettra and future plans, Emanuel Karantzoulis
SOLARIS status, Adriana Wawrzyniak
Status of the DELTA synchrotron light source, Shaukat Khan
Design, status and road map of next generation low emittance rings, Riccardo Bartolini
Magnets for the ESRF Upgrade, Gael Le Bec
Magnet technology at MAX IV, Magnus Sjöström
New Hall probe bench for measuring closed magnetic structures, Josep Campmany (ALBA)
Transparent realignment of the Diamond Storage Ring, Marco Apollonio

Wednesday, 26 November

Status of SESAME, Maher Attal
Metrology Light Source status, Jörg Feikes
Bunch separation with resonant island buckets for BESSY VSR, Paul Goslawski
BINP superconducting insertion devices and their applications, Konstantin Zolotarev
Generation of narrowband THz radiation at DELTA, Carsten Mai
Femto-slicing project at SOLEIL, Marie-Agnès Tordeux
Analytical considerations for reducing the emittance with longitudinally variable bends, Stefania Papadopoulou
Basic approach to managing transverse coupling at Elettra: strategy and simulations, Simone Di Mitri
Optics measurements in low emittance rings using turn-by-turn data, Panos Zisopoulos (CERN)
Electron beam loss mapping, Reine Versteegen (ESRF)
Evaluation of in vacuum wiggler impedances for MAX IV and SOLEIL, Francis Cullinan
Recent developments in beam diagnostics at ANKA, Marcel Schuh