The ESRF, a ring-shaped synchrotron, 844 meters around, generates x-ray beams 10 trillion times brighter than medical x-rays. With ESRF-EBS (the Extremely Brilliant source), the first fourth-generation high-energy synchrotron, the ESRF opens new vistas for X-ray science.

The ESRF has defined seven EBS science goals, in line with UNESCO's objectives for sustainable development and with the global challenges identified by the EU's Horizon Europe research and innovative programme:

  1. Health innovation, overcoming diseases and pandemics
  2. Materials for tomorrow's innovative and sustainable industry
  3. Clean energy transition, sustainable energy storage and clean hydrogen technologies
  4. Planetary research and geoscience
  5. Environmental and climate challenges
  6. Bio-based economy and food security
  7. Humanity and world cultural heritage

Discover five portraits of scientists, five scientific projects based on ESRF's Extremely Brilliant Source:

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