In order to work robot needs: electronic rack on, wbm29scbio computer on, compressed air and Twincat running (software for Beckhof electronics).

There are some of more frequent errors/alarms and how to deal with:


Sample Changer liquid alarm

i.e. cleaning solution or water tank empty or waste rack full

1. Waste rack full - action: empty it into big (20L) canister labelled as BioSAXS waste found below the table in the experimental hutch.

2. Water rack empty - action: fill it with distilled water from the big (10L) canister labelled Distilled water using the blue tube fixed on it. If also empty use directly water from miliQ device in sample preparation lab.

3. Cleaning solution rack empty - action: fill it with cleaning solution from the big (10L) canister labelled Cleaning solution using the blue tube fixed on it. If also empty prepare cleaning solution yourself: 2% Hellmanex, 10% ethanol, 88% water from miliQ. Hellmanex and ethanol can be found in the yellow metallic box (dedicated to inflammable solutions) located in the sample preparation lab.


Unclear error messages/lost connection/ refuse to move/grey out display/etc.

- the first reflex is to try "restart" button in main page of SC software with 'hard initialisation' tick on, if this didn't resolved problem:

- close/restart SC software directly on SC computer (icon in the middle of the display), check carefully error messages if any, if still not good:

- stop/restart Twincat (software controling Beckhof electronics): small button at the right bottom of SC computer display, restart SC software, if still troubles:

- restart electronics rack below experimental table: OFF button than main ON, motor power ON (yes, to put ON there are two button to push) and start SC software again, if still bad:

- restart PC itself, restart SC software, if not good:

- restart both electronics rack and PC, restart Twinkcat and SC software, if still any improvement observed:

- note your troubles in the beamline logbook and have a bit of sleep.