Data Analyis

  • ATSAS - the BioSAXS program suite by EMBL Hamburg
  • SCATTER - a JAVA-based application for basic analysis of SAXS dataset developed by Ivan Rodic and Robert Rambo at the SIBYLS beamline (12.3.1) of the ALS, Berkeley. Can calculate chi(free) for CRYSOL or FOXS results
  • FOXS - a program to calculate theoretical SAXS curves from pdb and compare them to experimental data
  • MES - an ensemble optimization method for flexible proteins
  • GENFIT - a powerful tool for analysing SAXS and SANS data


Data Formats

  • FIT2D - Raw 2d data recorded at BM29 is saved in the ESRF data format .edf. FIT2D can convert them to tiffs.
  • HDFView - For accessing the .h5 files created for the HPLC runs
  • PyMCA - A powerful GUI that can plot data in .h5 files