Software news: B2E, RADIA and SRW are now available for MAC OS X operating system



A software for 3D magnetostatics. It is optimized for all sort of accelerator magnets such as undulators, wigglers, dipole and quadrupole magnets. It uses a a finite volume integral approach. It handles current coils, non linear iron type material and anisotropic permanent magnet type materials of arbitrary shape. Radia computes very accurately the integrated field components (dipole, quadrupole,..)



An ensemble of software dedicated to the effiicent computation and presentation of synchrotron radiation spectra, angular pattern, polarization and power density in the near and far field approximations. In addition it computes and propagates wavefronts in various optical components such as mirrors, refractive lenses, zone plates,...



A software for simulating the radiation produced by a relativistic electron beam traveling through an arbitrary magnetic field in the far field approximation. This code has almost not evolved for the past 5 years.



Excel Optics is a set of Microsoft Excel Sheets which performs linear and (some) non linear lattice computation. It allows a fast and very flexible optimization of the optics of charged particle in transport lines and circular machines.



A set of functions available in Microsoft Excel to compute the attenuation of hard X-ray in pure and composite material due to photo-electric, coherent and incoherent scattering.It computes also the power and spectral flux of bending Magnet Radiation