Main features

- The spectral, spatial and polarization characteristics of the radiation in the near field and/or far field approximation produced by a relativistic electron beam traveling through an arbitrary magnetic field. The magnetic field data is either created by a macro or can be read from a file. The computed wavefront of the radiation can be propagated through drift spaces, lenses (Mirror, Refractive, Fresnel...), apertures or arbitrary 2D phase shifting elements.

- Fast numerical algorithms are used for bending magnets radiation and periodic field Insertion devices such as linear, ellipsoidal, figure-8, tapered and optical klystron type of undulators or wigglers. The computation includes electron beam emittance and energy spread.

- The pre and post processing is made in the Igor Pro (low cost) graphing and analyzing software. All computations are driven by dialog box and/or command lines. Command lines can easily be grouped into a user defined macro to parametrize and/or automate a sequence of computation. The result can be visualized in linear, contour, image and surface plots. Publication quality transparencies can be produced from within Igor. Extension and/or customization is easily done using either the powerful Igor macro language or using C , C++ or Fortran.

A few areas of use of SRW:

- BeamLine Design and optimization in the IR, UV and X-ray range
- Processing of the magnetic field measured on an Undulator/Wiggler  and simulation of field errors on the spectral performance
- Electron beam diagnostic in a storage ring or free electron laser
- Computing the brilliance (brightness) from undulators, wigglers and bending magnet sources
- Edge Radiation

First Release : December 1997, current Version : 3.76

Authors : O. Chubar, P.  Elleaume

Main Publication : 
O. Chubar, P. Elleaume, "Accurate And Efficient Computation Of Synchrotron Radiation In The Near Field Region", proc. of the EPAC98 Conference, 22-26 June 1998, p.1177-1179. 

Screen Shot of the SRW Environment

Examples of Computations

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