Main features

- Saturated iron & anisotropic materials
- Polyhedron shapes
- Straight and curved current coils
- Easy modeling and meshing
- Fast 3D visualization with QuickDraw 3D or Mathematica
- Parameterization of the models in the Mathematica Language
- Fast solving
- Semi-analytical computation of field, field integrals and forces
- Operates on MacOs and Windows 95/NT

- Authors  : O. Chubar, P.  Elleaume, J. Chavanne

First Release : April 1997, Current Version : 4.1


Screen Shot #1 and Screen Shot # 2 of Radia Environment

Have also a look at a few 3D structures solved with Radia

Examples of Computation with Radia are available for download

Comparison with a Finite Element code based on the ESRF Quadrupole



Radia is now maintained by Oleg Chubar. It can be downloaded here :

Any questions concerning this software should be addressed to him.