What is Xray

Xray is a set of macros written in Visual Basic for Application which allows a user to set-up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to compute :

  • The total cross-section of attenuation of hard Xrays (0.1 to 100 keV) by photo-electric, coherent or incoherent scattering for a pure or composite material.
  • The computation of angular spectral flux and power density produced by bending magnets
  • More in the near future ...

There exists some older version (1.0 to 2.8) of Xray running under WingZ. Its development  is stopped and I do not recommend it to any novice user. People interested in using it can  contact me by e-mail. At this time the Excel version contains less functionality than the Wingz version but this will be corrected in the future.

What you need to run Xray

  • A PC Running Windows 95 or 98 or NT4 and Excel 97. Word 97 is also recommended to access the documentation.
  • A Mac Running Mac OS 8 or later and Excel 98. Word 98 is also recommended to access the documentation.


  • P. Elleaume


  • Here is  Version 3.1 for both the Mac and Windows 95/98/NT . Please read carefully the Readme file and have a look at the documentation.


    Macintosh users may decompress the downloaded "Xray.zip" file using zipit (simple  for non experienced person) or Dropstuff with expander enhancer (better but a bit more delicate to install) or any other public domain  utility capable of decompressing a zip archived.