Browse the list of publications in the library for ID22 (from 2014 onwards); see also ID31 (2002 - 2014) and BM16 ( - 2002). Note that these lists are not complete due to the repeated beamline moves.

The review committees are paying increasing attention to the quality of publications resulting from work carried out at the ESRF. Please remember to note on the proposal form the complete references of your most recent papers appearing in print, based on measurements made at the ESRF. Remember to send a reprint for the Joint ESRF/ILL library. Please use this form to inform the library of your publiction.


Experimental reports

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If you have been allocated beam time for an experiment you are required to provide a report of your experiment. Deadlines for submissions of experimental reports are: 1st March for experiments carried out up to July of the previous year 1st September for experiments carried out up to January. If you are submitting a proposal for a new project, or to continue a project for which you have previously been allocated beam time, you must attach a report, if necessary, a preliminary report on your measurements. For detailed instructions for preparing your report, please look at the user office pages



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