Wednesday, 16th December

BESSY II status and upgrade, M Ries
Diamond Light Source status and upgrade, I Martin
ELETTRA status and upgrade, E Karantzoulis
PETRA III status and upgrade, R Wanzenberg
SLS status and upgrade, J Kallestrup
SOLEIL Synchrotron status and upgrade, L Nadolski
ALBA status and upgrade, F Fernandez
ESRF commissioning and operation, P Raimondi
DAFNE-Light facility, A Balerna
ASTRID2 status and development, J S Nielsen
MAX IV status and development, S Molloy
SESAME Synchrotron status and development, A Attal
SOLARIS status and development, A Wawryzniak
Non-linear optics at MAX IV, D K Olsson
Two Orbit - the first scheduled week of user operation, M Ries
ALBA 3rd Harmonic Active Cavity prototype project and test collaboration with BESSY and DESY, A Salom
4th harmonic RF project at the ESRF, J Jacob
Permanent Magnet developments at STFC, B Shepherd

Thursday, 17th December

DELTA status, S Khan
Status of KIT test facilities KARA and FLUTE, M Schuh
Metrology Light Source status, F Feikes
LEAPS Working Group Sources - Status and Activities, A Jankowiak
Emittance exhange in electron booster synchrotron by coupling resonance crossing, J Kallestrup
Open Questions for the Diamond-II Booster, I Martin
CANDLE project status, V Tsakanov
SKIF project status, A Bogomyagkov
USSR4 project status, T V Kulevoy