Following the call for Expressions of Interest (EoI) launched in October 2015 and concluded in March 2016, the ESRF received 48 EoIs from the user community. The EoIs have been assessed by ESRF experts and grouped by scientific theme. The outcome of this analysis was discussed at the last Science Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting in May 2016, to arrive at a list of eight topics for upgraded beamlines and a number of major refurbishment projects.

During the last few months, the ESRF has started the preparation of Conceptual Design Reports (CDRs) for potential new beamlines to be constructed within the EBS project. For each of the eight selected scientific themes, a working group (experts, SAC observer, beamline scientists) has been mandated to develop a draft CDR condensing the scientific case into a potential beamline project.

  • CDR1 - Beamline for coherence applications
  • CDR2 - Beamline for hard X-ray diffraction microscope
  • CDR3 - High throughput large field phase-contrast tomography beamline
  • CDR4 - Surface science beamline
  • CDR5 - Advanced high-flux nano-XRD beamline for science under extreme conditions
  • CDR6 - Facility for dynamic compression studies
  • CDR7 - High brilliance XAS beamline
  • CDR8 - Serial crystallography beamline

The draft CDRs will undergo a final refinement at an upcoming workshop where they will also be discussed and presented to the user community. This will take place in a two-day event called the EBS Science Workshop, scheduled 8-9 December 2016 at the ESRF.

This “EBS Science Workshop” will consist of: (Programme)

  1. day one dedicated to open parallel sessions in which the expert user groups will present their draft to the concerned scientific community, and eventually have cross discussions with other groups if deemed necessary; and
  2. day two dedicated to an open plenary session in which all draft CDRs will be presented and discussed, and to a final open discussion on all eight projects. This final open discussion should reveal the merit of each project and identify any missed opportunities.

This workshop is expected to offer an open forum of discussions to the user community.

Registration to this event is closed.
Information on housing in Grenoble can be found here.