The planned ESRF source upgrade (EBS) will provide significantly higher photon flux density and higher coherence, especially for photon energies above 30 keV, i.e. the energy range most relevant for diffraction and imaging at extreme conditions. We propose to build a new high pressure X-Ray diffraction beamline to take full advantage of the outstanding performance of the EBS. The new instrument will have a profound impact in extreme conditions science and will guarantee ESRF leadership in this field for at least a decade.

Scientific spokesperson:
Denis Andrault; LNV, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Expert panel:
Federico Gorelli; LENS, Florence, Italy
Ulrich Schwarz; MPI, Dresden, Germany
Agnes Dewaele; CEA DAM, Arpajon, France

SAC observer:
Jerome B. Hastings; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford, USA

ESRF coordinator:
Mohamed Mezouar; ESRF, ID27

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Contact: ebs-science