The project will benefit from the exceptional properties of the new storage ring to develop a beamline with: large beam size, high photon energy and unique coherence properties for phase-contrast imaging. The main scientific topics will be materials research and engineering, biology, cultural heritage, non-destructive testing (NDT) and industrial applications. The aim is to provide a beamline for imaging large samples (60 cm × 200 cm) on multiple scales: from the complete sample to sub-micrometer resolution imaging of selected regions, with a partial emphasis on automation and high throughput.

Scientific spokesperson:
Paul Tafforeau; ESRF, ID19

Expert panel:
Frederik Spoor; University College London, London, UK
Stéphanie Porcier; University of Montpellier III, Montpellier, France
Barbara Fayard; Novitom, Grenoble, France
Bert Mueller; University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Simon Zabler; Fraunhofer Institut, Würzburg, Germany
Philip Withers; University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

SAC observer:
Gopinathan Sankar; University College London, London, UK

ESRF coordinator:
Alexander Rack; ESRF, ID19

Registration to this workshop is closed. Programme available here!

Contact: ebs-science