ID30B is the second branch of the canted ID30 beam line. This beamline is tunable between 6 and 20 keV (1.9 – 0.62 Å). One 1.8 m U35 undulators ensure a high intensity (~6 x 1012 phs/s-1/mm2) X-ray beam. The vertical focusing is achieved at different energies by using CRL combinations. The horizontal focusing is performed by an eliptical mirror in the experimental hutch and contains three polished stripes for harmonic rejection at low, medium and high energies. The beam size at the sample position can be changed between 20 and 200 µm in diameter and is cleaned using beam definition apertures.


The experimental setup is currently composed of a MD2-S micro-diffractometer, a new generation FlexHCD sample changer capable of accomodating SPINE standard pins stored in SPINE or Unipuck format, and an Eiger2 X 9M detector.


View of the ID30B experimental hutch

An overview of the setup of optical and experimental setups can be found here.