This page is supposed to give a short and rough overview on the computers of MAD and how they are used.

1. Experimental hutch

Diffractometer (MD2S) control PC: wid30bmd (Windows 10 pro)

Flex HCD Sample changer control PC: (Ubuntu 20.04)

2. Control Cabin

Control computer: id30bcontrol (Ubuntu 20.04)

Work computer: bacon (Ubuntu 20.04)

Backup computer: id30b-data2 (Ubuntu 20.04)

Windows PC: wid30beaune (Windows 10 Pro)

3. Electronic control

XBPM (ID30B-OH3): lid30abv3

XBPM (ID30B-EH3): lid30abv4

Keithley (ID30B-OH3): lid30a2

Keithley and KETEK X-ray Fluorescence detector (ID30B-EH3): lid30b2