ID23-2 is equipped with a DECTRIS PILATUS3 X 2M with a detector surface of 25x28 cm2 that allows frame rates up to 250 Hz. In standard mode the maximum resolution at the edges of the detector  is 1.5 Å and in the corner 1.15 Å. By using exclusively the central modules of the detector frame rates up to 500 Hz can be archieved, please contact us before your experiment in case you are interested in using this feature.

In case of detector issues please see the troubleshooting pages

Specifications PILATUS3 X 2M

Number of detector modules 3 x 8
Sensitive area (width x height) [mm2] 253.7 x 288.8
Total number of pixels 1475 x 1679 = 2,476,525
Maximum frame rate, full frame [Hz] 250
Maximum frame rate, ROI [Hz] 500