Special High Temperature Chamber from MRI (materials research instruments) for Inelastic X-ray Scattering

This oven has been explicitly conceived for ID16 and ID28 beamlines. The maximum temperature is around 1700 K. The temperature control system consists of a feedback loop composed of a EuroTherm 9020 that reads the thermocouple on the sample and a Delta Elektronica SM 15-200D Power Supply. The sample (up to 2 cm3) is placed in the middle of the omega resistance (see Figure 3) and is heated by radiation.

Mri 1 MRI_2MRI_2

Figure 1 – MRI oven mounted on the support. All the parts of the oven are water cooled.

Figure 2 – Inside view of the MRI oven

Mri 3 Mri 4

Figure 3 – Detail of the heating omega in tungsten.

Figure 4 – Various sample holders or cells used with the MRI oven.

Characteristics :

Weight : < 10 Kg (vacuum chamber and support included)
  N.B. No need of the counter weight
Entrance windows : 500 Mum beryllium
Temperature range: room temperature to 1800 K
Temperature Control System:        EuroTherm 9020 +
  Delta Elektronika SM 15-200D Power Supply
Samples : Solids and Liquids up to 2 cm3 of volume
Thermometers : Thermocouples J, K, L and S
Vacuum: ~ 1.10-5 bar