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Solange - Software engineer (French)

“I love working in this unique and impressive scientific environment and I get pride in thinking that I contribute in part to this successful example of European collaboration.”
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“I’m a software engineer in management information systems.  I help the ESRF users, scientists and the general public by making the procedures they have to follow to access the ESRF as easy as possible. I write code for the ESRF internet, the user portal and for an electronic logbook that is used by ESRF crystallographers.

I trained as an electronics engineer then worked in surgical robotics for 7 years, a highly-specialised niche. In 2001, I widened my skills and turned to the internet and multimedia. I joined the ESRF shortly after, working on the public website and user databases. I really enjoy chewing over a problem to find a solution. I like to understand how people work and propose solutions to automate or simplify time-consuming processes and tasks.

About once a month, I also act as a guide for visitors to the ESRF. I enjoy explaining and making science accessible to the general public. I feel it’s important that people, especially those in Grenoble, know how a synchrotron works.

I was first attracted to the ESRF because I liked the idea of working with people from different countries. 15 years later, it’s still the multi-cultural environment that stimulates and keeps me here. I like the freedom I have here to keep on learning and that I’m encouraged to be curious even about things that don’t strictly touch on my job. The flexible work culture at the ESRF means I can organise myself in a way to suit my family constraints. I feel trusted and that’s what motivates me to keep on doing my best for the ESRF.”