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International Operando Battery Days, 16-18 May 2022, Grenoble


ESRF is sponsoring the inaugural International Operando Battery Days Conference which brings together Grenoble's experts in operando studies of battery materials.

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The International Operando Battery Days is a conference dedicated to the characterisation of batteries by means of advanced operando techniques, both in-lab and at large scale facilities (synchrotron, neutron and muons). It is co-organised by researchers from the CNRS and CEA working in the field of batteries, in the Grenoble area.

ESRF sponsors the event via the European project TEESMAT and Didier Blanchard (ESRF BDO) will chair a special session on "Large instruments and industries" with three oral presentation. ESRF users feature significantly in the programme, for example, Prof. Paul Shearing, UCL, will give a keynote presentation.

For this 2022 inaugural edition of International Operando Battery Days, the programme focuses on advanced characterisation tools and methods applied to probe the bulk & interfacial properties of active materials in battery devices, with focus on investigations in operando mode.

Further information about the event: International Operando Battery Days, 16-18 May 2022, Grenoble.