X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) is a powerful technique to investigate local atomic geometry and the chemical state of the atoms of one specific element in almost any type of substance. It is particularly well suited to investigate materials that lack long-range order such as:

  • nanomaterials, amorphous and highly disordered solids (clusters, catalysts, etc…)
  • Minerals, Geochemical and Environmental samples
  • Ionic liquids, crystalline materials, etc.

XAS measurements are possible in Transmission and Fluorescence modes. 

IMPORTANT: There is no Gas Rig System at BM14 !!!

Beamline characteristics

The following beam characteristics are taken from BM26A and are not accurate for BM14. The correct values will only be updated after the new source has been installed and the new beamline BM14 has been commissioned. Please check with DUBBLE project leader (Dipanjan Banerjee) for technical information.

  • Incident energy range with a reasonable flux 
Si(111): 5 to 30 keV
Si(311): 30 to 45 keV
  • Flux of 1 × 1011 photons/sec
  • Energy resolution ∆E/E of 1.74 × 10-4  or ∆E = 1.7 eV at E=9.689 keV
  • Horizontal acceptance 2 mrad
  • Typical beam size at sample (H × V) 3 × 1 mm2; max possible: 8 × 1.5 mm2 

User Guide

In these public pages you will find information on

BM14 & BM26 common:

BM14 specific:

Wiki pages: from the intranet pages (intranet.esrf.fr) you have access to the DUBBLE Wiki pages. The Wiki contains much more technical information and details on how to set up and run your experiment on site.

Please, note that the Wiki pages are only available on site.

Special Setups

  •  Microfocus setup with beamsize down to 10 μm

This is only possible via collaboration with Prof. Laszlo Vincze, University of Ghent, Belgium, please also consult Dipanjan Banerjee prior to proposal.

 Note: To measure radioactive elements, you need to come to an agreement with the ESRF Safety group long before you apply for beamtime.


A beamline manual will be available after the commissioning of BM14.

If you want to know more about DUBBLE's XAFS station, please contact  Dipanjan Banerjee (Project leader).