Travel to France is sometimes complicated. There are some periods in the year (peaking roughly in May and November) when a random combination of bus and/or train drivers, air traffic controllers, airplane jockeys, truck drivers etc. can be on strike. This happens so often that you are well advised to check not only the meteorological travel conditions but also the economic/political travel conditions before you begin your journey to Grenoble. Also keep this in mind when you buy the cheapest, non-changeable, non-refundable tickets.

road map Grenoble-2.jpg

Previous visitors should note that the ILL/EMBL/ESRF site has been renamed the "EPN science campus" and we have a new entrance at 71 Avenue des Martyrs. There is a new bus stop called "Martyrs-Resistance" just outside.  The old entrance ("Polygone Scientifique" on the bus map) has been closed to anyone not on foot and in possession of a badge and 4 digit PIN.

The roadworks associated with the extension of Tram B are reaching their conclusion.

Tram B now runs from the main SNCF train station and bus station  (stop "Gares") to the Place de la Resistance rectangular roundabout about 400m from the new site entrance (stop "Presqu’île"). Tram B runs pretty much continuously in peak hours decreasing to every 20 minutes as the evening wears on. Last tram around 1am so it is now possible to leave the site and go into Grenoble in the evening. Here is the Tram B timetable.

Bus n° 34 and bus n° 30 no longer exist.  There is a new bus C6 that can take you one stop up the road from the terminus of tram B to the site entrance (direction Henri Wallon NOT Polygone Scientifique). However, unless the weather is awful and you have a lot of luggage it is probably better to walk than to wait for the bus.

Click for the overall Grenoble public transport map. This is a large file so please wait for it to load.

Airport Shuttle Buses

There is a very convenient coach shuttle to the ESRF from Lyon airport, with one bus an hour (and sometimes one on the half-hour) coming non-stop down the motorway. The 'OUIBUS' shuttle from Lyon St Exupéry airport to Grenoble Gare Routière stops at the bus stop marked by the pink rectangle on the above map on request. Tell the driver when you board that you want to be dropped off at the "Presqu'île - Résistance" bus stop; they don't always stop otherwise. You can also board the bus on the opposite side of the road to return to the airport. (Make sure that you signal to the bus as it arrives.) It can be busy, so if possible book your seat in advance here. 

The AEROCAR bus linking Geneva airport to Grenoble also now stops at the bus stop marked by the pink rectangle. There are six buses a day. AEROCAR timetable

During the ski season you may find a flight into Grenoble Isere (St Geoirs) airport if you travel at the weekend; there are corresponding shuttle transfers with ACTIBUS December-March

How to get to the beamline

For Dutch and Belgian users extra advice is given here.