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Total scattering PDF analysis using X-rays and neutrons: powder diffraction and complementary techniques

Start Date
22-10-2007 10:00
End Date
23-10-2007 19:00
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Coordinator contact(s)
Claudine Brun

Scientific contact(s)
Simon Billinge
Stefan Brühne
Michela Brunelli

The workshop is open to all those interested but the number of participants will be limited.
Registration is now on line.


This workshop aims to bring together people involved in the development and implementation of the different Total Scattering data analysis strategies, for generalising the availability of these methods, via the sharing of knowledge. Traditional crystallography breaks down on the nanoscale and we need complementary technique such as PDF for nanostructured materials. Today, this is known as the “nanostructure problem”. Total scattering PDF analysis from powder diffraction data cover areas of technological and material science relevance, and it is specially successful in the investigation of the atomic-scale structures of nanosized materials.

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