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2nd Workshop on Studies of dynamically compressed matter with x-rays

Start Date
29-03-2017 09:00
End Date
30-03-2017 16:30
ESRF, EPN Science Campus, Grenoble, France
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Coordinator contact(s)
Fabienne Mengoni
Eva Jahn
Scientific contact(s)
Sakura Pascarelli
Olivier Mathon
Mohamed Mezouar

The aim of  this workshop is to bring together the community of future users of the High Power Laser Facility at ESRF. The scientific case covers the two areas identified at our first Workshop that took place at ESRF in February 2015:

  1. Extend the P and T range reachable today by static compression
  2. Address the dynamic behavior of matter under high strain rates

At this workshop, we will seek to answer the following questions:

  1. Amongst all the science questions identified, which ones  can be answered most efficiently with a 100-200 J laser at a synchrotron beamline ?
  2. Which are the groups that want to commit themselves in this project ?
  3. How can they contribute to the project ?

The facility will be at first coupled to the XAS beamline ID24 (HPLF-I). We are presently preparing a Conceptual Design Report for a Dynamic Compression Facility which includes a new ESRF-EBS beamline for single shot and fast time resolved XRD, imaging and emission spectroscopy.  The layout of the beamline is flexible enough to consider additional techniques (such as 2-stage gas gun or explosion chambers) as future developments.

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