A. Björling Coherent Imaging at MAX IV
I. Bukreeva Phase contrast X-ray tomography for investigation of spine and spinal cord of ex-vivo small animals
G. Chahine Coherence on F-CRG BM beamlines. Is it possible?
P. Cloetens Coherent X-ray imaging at ID16A: status and plans
J.C. Da Silva X-ray Spectral-ptychographic imaging for the characterization of technical catalyst bodies
D. Dzhigaev Nano-Scale Strain Mapping in Complete Nanowire Based Electronic Devices by Bragg Coherent X-Ray Diffraction
V. Favre-Nicolin Online, quantitative data analysis for coherent X-ray imaging techniques with the ESRF PyNX toolkit
M. Fratini Multimodal Approach for the Investigation of the CNS
B. Gerbelli Thermal and structural characterization of hybrid hydrogels composed of amidogenic and PEG-silanized peptides
G. Girard Combining Diffraction Contrast Tomography and Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging on embedded micron-sized ceramic grains
P. Godard In-situ Compression of InSb Micro-pillars under Coherent X-Ray Diffraction
C. Gramaccioni Correlative 3D structural and chemical quantification of single human cells
Z. Jiang Reconstruction of X-ray Waveguide Fluorescence Holography for Evolving Nanostructures in Thin Films
K. Kazarian Pulsed magnetic field setup for temperature dependent dynamics studies
S. Leake ID01 in light of the ESRF-EBS
F. Livet Dynamic critical scattering by XPCS in the ordering AuAgZn2 alloy
F. Meneau Cateretê, the Coherent Scattering Beamline at Sirius, 4th Generation Brazilian Synchrotron Facility
J. Möller The coherent applications instrument MID at European XFEL – commissioning and first user experiments
M. Osterhoff Multi-Order Imaging with Multilayer Zone Plates
M. Osterhoff Focus characterization of the NanoMax Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror system
F. Peyrin Investigation of osteons properties in human cortical bone using X-ray phase micro-CT
E. Pineda Glassy and liquid metals, from microscopic to macroscopic dynamics
C. Polo Bagasse nano-structure modifications induced by hydrothermal pretreatment revealed by CXDI
J. Schwenke SoftiMAX – A new Soft X-ray Microscopy and Coherent Imaging Beamline at the MAX IV Facility
A. Snigirev A new X-ray reflecto-interferometer based on refractive optics
M. Sutton Measuring  speckle q-q correlations

M. Voevodina

X-ray thin-film interferometry technique using an X-ray microfocus laboratory source
W. Vos Placing quantum dots in 3D photonic crystals and finding them back
W. Vos X-ray imaging of functional three-dimensional nanostructures
F. Westermeier Large beam X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
D. Yang Mapping Data Between Sample and Detector Conjugated Spaces in Bragg
E. Zatterin 3D Bragg CDI of a pentagonal bipyramid twinned Au crystal