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Coherence Workshop

ESRF - EBS Workshop Series


Workshop on
Coherence at ESRF-EBS

ESRF - Grenoble - France
9 - 13 September 2019

Venue   ESRF auditorium

Manfred Burghammer, ESRF Grenoble
Yuriy Chushkin, ESRF Grenoble
Peter Cloetens, ESRF Grenoble
Julio Cesar da Silva, ESRF Grenoble
Vincent Favre-Nicolin, ESRF Grenoble
Steven Leake, ESRF Grenoble
Beatrice Ruta, CNRS and Lyon 1 University
Federico Zontone, ESRF Grenoble

Assistants   Chantal Argoud - Claudine Roméro

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The imminent completion of the Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) upgrade will usher in a new era with coherent X-rays at the ESRF. Coherent X-ray scattering techniques such as coherent diffraction imaging of isolated specimens (CDI), holography, ptychography and photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS), which have seen rapid development recently, have demonstrated their potential across several domains, from biosciences to materials sciences in either transmission or Bragg geometries. A suite of beamlines have been developed in anticipation to deliver a broad range of coherence based techniques to the user community at the ESRF-EBS. CDI, ptychography, holography will also dramatically increase their capabilities towards higher spatial and temporal resolution. The high coherent flux will allow tomographic reconstructions with unprecedented spatial resolution down to 5 nm and below, and tracking slow (minutes) temporal structural transformations at the nanoscale. Such gains promise also access to resonant edges and higher energies for buried and radiation sensitive samples. In addition the ESRF council has approved the construction of a 200m long new beamline (EBSL1) that will revolutionize XPCS and coherent X-ray scattering for dynamical and structural studies in soft and hard-condensed systems. The new instrument will pave the way to new groundbreaking experiments, probing dynamical phenomena from hundreds of nanoseconds to thousands of seconds at both the nanometric and atomic level. The workshop aims to:

  • clarify the current state of the field at ESRF for its users, be it native state, in situ, operando or time-resolved
  • identify opportunities created by coherent x-rays when applied to real world systems and the challenges posed
  • drive the directions for development of existing beamlines
  • provide critical feedback from the user community for the design of the EBSL1 beamline


A fee of 90 € is charged covering the dinners on Monday 9th and Thursday 12th at the EPN campus restaurant, the buffet dinner during the poster session on Tuesday 10th September, the workshop dinner on Wednesday 11th September, lunches at the EPN campus restaurant from Monday 9th to Friday 13th September as well as coffee breaks during the workshop. Accommodation is also covered by the fee and will be provided at the guesthouse.

However, participants have to arrange and pay for their own travel to/from Grenoble.

Call for abstracts

All participants are invited to propose contributions to talks or posters.


Submission of abstracts for talk or poster: 12/07/2019

Confirmation for oral contributions: 22/07/2019

Registration: 26/07/2019