Going boldly beyond routine imaging


24 to 26 June, 2015 (noon-to-noon, 2 nights)


The European Synchrotron
71 avenue des Martyrs
Grenoble, France

More information on how to travel to the ESRF here.


Learning the advantages of synchrotron X-rays for imaging


Synchrotron X-rays extend the capacity of traditional X-ray imaging, to produce both 2D and 3D and even 4D (time-resolved) pictures of high resolution and contrast.

This workshop will introduce you to the advantages of the various full-field and scanning imaging techniques available at the European Synchrotron, offering complementary morphological, structural and chemical characterisations.

PLUS Half a day of practical work at the synchrotron
Bring your sample to work on (sample limits to be specified later)

For :

Industrial scientists and engineers interested in revealing internal micro-structures and composition inside complex materials, in various hard or soft matter, from micro and nano-electronics to glasses, ice cream and cosmetics.

Registration open

16 March to 22 May 2015


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250€ VAT included, including coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and practical work


For more information, contact Luc Dancer (email or phone +33 (0)4 76 88 40 43)

Please note we will not provide accommodation. We can however advise you on the surrounding area.

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List of topics

  • Tomography
  • Nano-imaging
  • Nano-analysis
  • IR and X-ray Microscopy
  • Diffraction Contrast Tomography
  • Future Diffraction Constrast Imaging
  • Coherence Diffraction Imaging
  • K-mapping
  • Ptychography and X-ray fluorescence
  • Dark-field Microscopy

Plus an introduction from our partner Novitom.