Below is a map of the ID13 beamline showing the positions of the three experimental hutches. A key is provided underneath. Click on any of the descriptions below to learn more about that particular facility. Note that several beamline areas have been omitted from the map due to space constraints. However, these are nevertheless included on the facility key (below).



OH - Optics Hutch (not shown)


EHI - Experimental Hutch I (microdiffractometer)

EHII - Experimental Hutch II (microfocus scanning setup)

EHIII - Experimental Hutch III (nanofocus extension)


CCI - Control Cabin I (not shown)

CCII - Control Cabin II

CCIII - Control Cabin III (nanofocus extension)


BL - Beamline Lab (not shown)

SPL - Sample Preparation Lab (not shown)

EL - Extension Lab (nanofocus extension)


EMR - Extension Meeting Room (nanofocus extension)