The ID30B/MAD beam line houses all optical components in two optical hutches: OH1 and OH3. While OH1 also contains equipment for ID30A/MASSIF, the white beam for ID30B crosses OH2 in a lead shielded tube. This setup allows maintenance on MASSIF while the MAD beam is not affected thus leaving a working beam line.

As described above, OH1 contains optical components for both MASSIF and ID30B/MAD. Shown below is only the layout of the second branch - MAD.


Optical Elements Description Distances
Primary slits Two water cooled copper blocks with a square shaped hole allowing to set the beam size to 2 x 0.5 mm2 (h x v) 30.369 m
White beam attenuator They contain foils of different thickness of pyro-carbon and aluminium  
Safety Beam Shutter    

See here a top overview of OH1 with MASSIF and MAD.


Optical Elements Description Distances
Chanel Cut monochromator For energy selection 60.37 m
Transfocator Allows vertical focusing for MAD 62.052 m
Safety Beam Shutter