WE WELCOME NEW COLLABORATORS for our new exciting scientific and technical DEVELOPMENTS!

The beamline and associated labs hire phD canditate, post-doc, and 2-year contract positions in materials science, advanced x-ray characterisation technique, machine learning AI based data analysis and beamline instrumentation automation.

  • CLOSED! CEA 2 years post-doc position located on CRG-IF BM32 beamline at ESRF for the study of metallurgical materials for nuclear energy: developement of optimised workflow for structural data measurements, analysis and interpretation. Possible design of Machine Learning AI based approach and software.
  • CEA 2 years Machine Learning AI post-doc position located at CEA Paris SACLAY with strong collaboration with CRG-IF BM32 beamline at ESRF for the design of Machine Learning AI based approach and software for the automatic anomaly detection in beamline x-ray beam optics beam conditionning. Please contact us for more details.