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Societal themes and scientific areas

The research proposed in an application for beamtime should be identified within the framework of a "Scientific Area" and a "Societal Theme" which are registered by the Main Proposer  in the electronic application form within the User Portal.

The information is mandatory and ONLY one scientific discipline and one societal challenge can be selected. If several are appropriate, please choose the most relevant.



Scientific Areas

The following 12 scientific areas are proposed:

  • CH (Chemistry)
  • ES (Earth Science)
  • EV (Environment)
  • HC (Hard Condensed Matter Science)
  • HG (Cultural Heritage)
  • LS (Life Sciences)
  • MA (Applied Material Science)
  • MD (Medicine)
  • ME (Engineering)
  • MI (Methods and Instrumentation)
  • MX (Structural Biology) - only for MX BAG, Rolling applications and LTP proposals.
  • SC (Soft Condensed Matter Science)


  Societal Themes

The following societal themes are proposed:

  • Art conservation
  • Catalysis
  • Climate
  • Cultural heritage & history
  • Earth & planetary science
  • Energy
  • Engineering & materials
  • Environment & agriculture
  • Food
  • Fundamental & blue sky research
  • Health
  • Nanotechnology
  • New materials for information technology
  • Paleontology & archaeology
  • Quantum & semiconductor technology
  • Other (if none of the above are relevant; keywords must be given).

Please note that the proposers must identify whether the proposal is fundamental / applied / industrially relevant science elsewhere on the proposal form. The societal theme section should not be used for this. Please therefore ONLY select "Fundamental Science" if the theme is Fundamental Science not already covered by the other themes proposed.

For queries or questions, please contact the User Office.