User Meeting 2022

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User Meeting Plenary Session
UDM 1. New opportunities for high pressure science at the ESRF-EBS
UDM 2. Ligand and fragment screening: enabling technologies for pressing threats
UDM 3. Perspectives in Materials Science and Engineering: towards a digital and sustainable future
Tutorials (programmes & scopes)
T1. BAG Meeting
T2. Structural Biology Tutorials
T3. Volume Image Analysis
T4. Spectroscopy data analysis and calculations using the Jupyter notebook
T5. Darfix: A data analysis package for Dark Field X-Ray Microscopy
T6. How to use videos for science communication
T7. Laue microdiffraction
T8. Data reduction for scattering experiments
T9. XAS data analysis
T10. Spectroscopy: X-Ray Photon Correlation Spetcroscopy
T11. Hands on BLISS, the new ESRF experiments control software
T12. Coherent imaging analysis with PyNX