Scientific Organisers

UOC Organiser:
A. Martinelli
G. Requena

ESRF Organisers:
V. Honkimaki
W. Ludwig
A. Rack
M. Slim

Keynote Speakers Chu Lun Alex Leung, University College London, UK
Guillaume Reinhart , CNRS - IM2NP, France
Jozef Keckes, Montanuniversität Leoben, Germany
Administrative Assistant Eleanor Ryan
Contact udm3-um22@esrf.fr
Format Webinar


Aim & Scope

Materials science plays a leading role in our society. New materials with special functionalities, prescribed forms and customized properties for technological applications are essential for a sustainable future. At this aim, the diversified experimental techniques available at synchrotron sources (often in real time during or mimicking service conditions) are fundamental to understand, improve and optimize the process yielding the desired materials properties.

This microsymposium highlights recent studies carried out at the ESRF in the field of materials science and addresses the opportunities now available with the new EBS storage ring and new flagship beamlines. Together with a new generation of X-ray detectors and online data processing, operando and in situ studies are feasible at ESRF-EBS with unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution. This microsymposium therefore can act as a platform to discuss both recent experimental highlights and even potential future applications and collaborations.