Scientific Organisers UOC Organiser:
G. Morard
B. Ruta

ESRF Organisers:
O. Mathon
M. Mezouar

Keynote Speakers

Malcolm McMahon, University of Edinburgh, UK

Sofia Michaela Souliou, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany

Beatrice Ruta, CNRS/Institut Lumière matière, France

Max Wilke, Potsdam University, Germany

Administrative Assistant Eva Jahn-Feppon
Contact udm1-um22@esrf.fr
Format Meeting
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Aim & Scope

With a tremendous increase of brilliance and coherence, the new ESRF-EBS source offers unprecedented opportunities for high pressure science. Together with the refurbishment/upgrade of high-pressure beamlines and the construction of the user dedicated High Power Laser Facility platform, the ESRF high pressure program has reached an important milestone.

This user-dedicated micro-symposium aims at presenting new routes for static and dynamic compression, new scientific opportunities as well as improved X-ray probes available now at ESRF-EBS. The micro-symposium will be organized around 4 sessions exploring, the complementarity between static and dynamic compression, geomaterials at relevant conditions, the electronic thermal and magnetic properties of matter under pressure and emerging topics in high pressure sciences. The micro-symposium will be organised fully remotely. We encourage the high-pressure community to support these efforts by attending the one-day user dedicated micro-symposium. .