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Poster session

This page covers:

Organisation of the remote poster session

The participants of the User Meeting are strongly encouraged to submit posters on their recent work using data collected at the ESRF and to participate in the poster session which is an excellent opportunity to discuss their latest results.

The Poster Session will take place on Tuesday 8 February (13:15 – 14:15 CET) during the plenary session and will be split into two sessions of 30mn each (13:15 - 13:45 and 13:45 - 14:15 CET).

The participants can also participate in the Best Poster Prize contest.

The posters will be displayed according to the following list of topics/fields of research:

  • Complex Systems and Biomedical Sciences
  • Electronic Structure, Magnetism & Dynamics
  • Matter at Extremes
  • Structural Biology
  • Structure of Materials
  • X-Ray NanoProbe
  • Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Industry
  • Beamline Instruments & Methods
  • Other

Each 30mn Poster Session will bring together posters from the 10 different topics/fields of research, so that the poster presenters and attendees will have the opportunity to exchange with scientists of different scientific communities.

One Zoom meeting will be scheduled for each poster session. Inside each meeting we will create a breakout room for each poster submitted where the author will present their poster. Attendees will be able to interact directly with the author of the poster and other attendees.

From the User Meeting lobby, participants have access to the virtual poster booths and to the two Poster Sessions through the "Poster Hall" tab or the “Schedule” tab in the top navigation bar on the event platform.

For additional information, participants and poster presenters should consult this page "Instructions for Participants".

Poster Booth

For the User Meeting 2022, the posters will be presented in virtual poster booths created and easily customized by the poster presenters with logos, video, images. The poster booths can be accessed and visited by attendees starting from 4 February and during the three days of the event, at any time outside the two poster sessions. 

Help on how to create you poster booth can be found here under the section 3 "Instructions for Poster Presenters". An email will be sent to you when the plateform will be open for you to start creating your poster booth.

Best poster prize

Chair: Thomas Buslaps (ESRF & User Organisation)

Two Best Poster Prizes of 400 Euro each will be awarded: one for Life Sciences and one for Hard Condensed Matter Science.

The posters will be judged by the eight members of the User Organisation and the winners announced on Tuesday 9 February, during the Plenary Session (16:05  – 16:45 CET).


17 January 2022 Submission of posters for the best poster prize contest (no late registration accepted) and for feature in the conference booklet.
23 January 2022 Registration of posters

Registration Instructions


How to register your poster:

  • Posters MUST BE REGISTERED through the electronic registration form (author-s, title, topic/field of research)
  • Select the correct topic/field of research to which your poster belongs to
  • You don't have to submit a pdf of your poster at this stage (only at a later stage during your booth creation), unless you wish to participate to the best poster prize contest (see below).

If you want to participate to the best poster prize contest:

  • Tick the box "I wish to participate in the Best Poster Prize" when registering your poster
  • Upload the pdf file of your poster (save it under your family name to facilitate its further processing (e.g.: SMITH_UMPoster.pdf)


  • Do not submit an abstract for your poster