ESRF Industrial Impact Brochure

The industrial impact brochure presents just a few of our success stories with business - from determining the best antibodies for disease, to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of new engineering materials, to exposing pathways to sustainability. Discover why companies from all over the world choose to work with us to become more competitive, open new international economic opportunities and push the boundaries of innovation.

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Industrial impact brochure

ESRF Industrial Brochure

The general industrial brochure describes some typical industrial applications of synchrotron radiation and answers questions potential clients may have. The accompanying technical sheets present the major techniques of synchrotron radiation in greater detail, with examples of application areas and some exciting case studies that have been carried out at the ESRF.

Industrial brochure 






The technical sheets are available individually:


This brochure and its associated technical sheets are also available in French:




Fiches techniques (5.9 mb)

The French technical sheets are also available individually:

ESRF X-ray Instrumentation

The ESRF has acquired considerable expertise in modelling and simulation, conceiving and building hundreds of X-ray instruments during its 20 years of operation.  Other light sources may procure this instrumentation from us under certain conditions.  We also invest in collaboration and joint projects with instrumentation companies from project concept through to delivery.

Please find below a selection of datasheets corresponding to our main instruments.  Please contact us for further information.

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