Armando-Sole-March2024.jpgSpanish, Scientist, Engineer and Expert in data analysis and management. University of Valencia, Spain, PhD at Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements IRMM in Geel, Belgium.

Armando Solé is a scientist and engineer with more than 25 years’ experience in synchrotron radiation-related science and instrumentation, and he is a well-known expert in data analysis and management. During his career, Armando’s name has appeared in numerous publications in the field of X-ray instrumentation as well as in the fields of X-ray microscopy, fluorescence, spectroscopy and imaging, making important contributions such as pioneering the synchronisation of an in-motion undulator with a beamline monochromator, or the worldwide used PyMca code that has become a reference in the X-Ray fluorescence field.

Armando joined the ESRF in 1997 as beamline scientist and then scientist in charge of ID26, where he was involved in the commisssioning of the very first version of the beamline. In 2000, he took up the role of Beamline Instrumentation Software Support Engineer, responsible for the data acquisition and diagnostic software of several ESRF beamlines. From 2010 to 2016, he worked as Scientific Software Engineer, responsible for the conception, development and implementation of algorithms for improving data collection, diagnostics and analysis at the ESRF. He then headed the Data Analysis Unit (DAU) over a five-year period until 2021, when he moved to the Experiments Division Algorithms and Data Analysis Unit before taking up his role as Head of the Instrumentation Services and Development Division, on 1 April 2024.