The available beamtime of BM32 (GMT, Laue Microdiffraction, INS instruments) for experiments is divided in two parts. Two thirds of the scheduled beamtime depend on the CRG selection comittee and one third on the ESRF one. Both proposals must be filled electronically by connecting to SOLEIL synchrotron server (french beamtime and committees) or ESRF server (international ones).

For both beamtimes (french and international beamtime), there are two proposals submission round per: September and March. please consult the CRGs office website which contain also all the informations you need (Valérie Clément 2073). You can also email the French CRG office.

For ESRF beamtime ("public" time), two beamtime allocations per year (proposals submission deadline 1rst March and September) you have to follow the standard procedure by considering the BM32 beamline as the other ESRF beamlines. The dedicated form and other informations can be found in the user guide directory on the ESRF web site.

To help you for this procedure, do not hesitate to contact the local contacts or scientists of the instrument (GMT or SUV diffractometer) you may have chosen.

The standard experimental setup for X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy has moved to BM30B FAME @ ESRF 


  • Emergency phone number :10
  • Infirmery : 33
  • Standard : 9
  • Floor coordinator: 2525
  • ESRF control room: 2490

What call the floor coordinator for (2525)?

A floor coordinator is always present in the ESRF hall near the passerelle and BM32 days and nights. He solves technical ESRF problems such as :

  • power cut BM32 beamline
  • water leak
  • warning signal in the neighbourhood etc...

He can often inform you about the beam (for instance long problem during a refill).


What call the local contact for?

 The local contact has got an experience on the beamline and its equipements. He can set up the optics and the sample environnement to give you proper conditions to do your experiments. He can be contacted at his office or by email. Although he gives you his personal phone number, please avoid to contact him between 22h and 7am without his explicit agreement.

How to use phone in BM32?

To call inside ESRF, dial directly the 4 last digits of the phone number of your ESRF correspondant. Each room or hutch have its own phone number:

  • Office PLUO A0: (0)4 76 88 23 16
  • Control hutch: (0)4 76 88 24 20
  • GMT goniometer hutch: (0)4 76 88 24 01
  • SUV goniometer hutch: (0)4 76 88 23 99

An on-line ESRF phone-book is available by the web. To call outside ESRF, dial 0, then the phone number of your correspondant.