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Linea Italiana per la Spettroscopia d'Assorbimento x (Italian beamLine for x-ray Absorption Spectroscopy)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche IOM Institute


May 19th 2023

A few announcements from LISA:

Sept 7th 2021

A few announcements from LISA:

*  the next deadline for the submission of proposals to the ESRF beamtime quota is next monday, Sept 13th. More news and details at the page https://www.esrf.fr/UsersAndScience/UserGuide/Applying

* the next deadline for the submission of proposals on the CERIC quota is next Thursday, sept 30.More news and details at the page https://www.ceric-eric.eu/users/call-for-proposals/

* Applications for the HERCULES school are now open (till Oct 17th). All details at https://hercules-school.eu/


* LISA is looking for doctorate students wishing to spend some months abroad and adding an experience on hard xray XAS spectroscopy to their CVs.

Who we are

LISA is the italian CRG beamline at the ESRF ( https://www.esrf.fr/UsersAndScience/Experiments/CRG/BM08 ). It is run by the CNR-IOM institute and it is focused on X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy with hard X-rays (E = 5 - 90 keV).

What we offer

you will spend a few months on LISA at ESRF receiving:

* a full formation on XAS: basic concepts, realization of an experiment, data analysis.

* an experience about managing a beamline, its instruments and its users.

* single occupancy office, PC and data treatment codes (analysis and simulation) from the ESRF cluster.

* a stimulating international environment.

Suggested Background

ongoing doctorate in physics, chemistry, materials science, earth/environmental science, biophysics, engineering. Knowledge of python is particularly welcome.


Anytime. A minimum duration of 3 months is suggested for a successful stage.


Expressions on interest should be sent to the beamline responsible, Dr Francesco d'Acapito, dacapito@iom.cnr.it


July 2 2021

dear LISA users

we have a new job opportunity at the beamline for a post-Doc position. The call is here or can be downloaded at the address:


IOM page


CNR page


UE page (waiting for publication):

look out: the deadline is next July16th.

June 10 2021

dear LISA users

the french government recently issued new rules for crossing borders and consequently access the ESRF site. For those who are planning to come to LISA to carry out experiments this page resumes the rules in force since last june 9th.

Feb 26 2021

dear LISA users

this is to remind you that next march 1st is the deadline for submitting proposals on the ESRF quota of LISA. More details at:

also concerning CERIC there are two deadlines:
March 1st: pre submission
March 31st  final submission
More details at:

Concerning the pre-submission: feel free to contact me for details on the beamline (energy range, beam size, ...) or have a look to the 'foundation' article : F. d'Acapito et al., J. Synchrotron Rad. (2019). 26, 551–558, https://doi.org/10.1107/S160057751801843X .

Users can submit to both channels being aware that a given proposal will get beamtime only from one of the two.

Feb 19 2021

A post doc position at LISA is now open, call reference IOM AR 003/2021 TS OGG.

This job you will give to the candidate the opportunity of being part of the scientific staff of the LISA beamline at ESRF ( http://www.esrf.fr/UsersAndScience/Experiments/CRG/BM08 ), working in a stimulating international environment on one of the most powerful X-ray sources worldwide. The mission will be to develop experimental methods for time resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS), participate to the beamline activity and carry on your personal research based on XAS.

Details at the web pages:

https://bandi.urp.cnr.it/doc-assegni/documentazione/10776_DOC_IT.pdf (english version inside)

Feel free to spread the news among the young scientists and PhDs of your group / institute / university.
Deadline for the applications submission: March 17th 2021.

Oct 29 2020

This is to inform you that following the recent lockdown in force in France from Oct 30 to Nov. 30 ESRF has adopted new operation rules ( http://www.esrf.eu/home/news/general/content-news/general/info---second-confinement.html ) that foresee only 3 days/week for User Service Mode instead of 6.

LISA will continue to deliver beamtime to the users and, in order to comply with the new rules, the schedule has been reviewed accordingly.

Sept 15 2020

Dear LISA users

some news regarding the LISA beamline.

*** The beamline is now completely operative and we are now resuming the user program for runs 2 and 3 2020. Run 2 will be carried out completely in remote mode, whereas for run3 the rules valid in this moment foresee the possibility of hosting 1 external user.

*** Starting from this year we are collaborating with the CERIC consortium. Proposals for experiments on LISA can now be submitted also on the CERIC area in the ELETTRA VUO portal ( https://vuo.elettra.trieste.it/pls/vuo/guest.startup ). The deadline for the next submission round is next Oct 1st.

*** Applications are open for the next HERCULES 2021 school ( http://hercules-school.eu/ ) with deadline on next Oct 17th. You are all invited to encourage the young researchers of your laboratory to apply.


Ago 25 2020

The submission of proposals for beamtime within the ESRF quota for the first Semester 2021 is open with deadline Sep 10th 2020. More info at the page http://www.esrf.fr/UsersAndScience/UserGuide/Applying .
Proposals can be submitted at the ESRF user portal

*** News from the beamline
LISA is now in full operation and she is profiting from the opportunities offered by the new EBS ring. Due to the smaller source, the focused beam size is now about 50 * 90 um^2 with the same intensity as before. We are now restarting the user program although with the limitations of the COVID-19 prevention rules.

LISA is now part of the beamline portfolio of CERIC and proposals can be submitted also in this quota. To apply, use the section "Submit a new CERIC proposal" in the ELETTRA-VUO ( https://vuo.elettra.trieste.it/ ). Similarly to ESRF, users applying via the CERIC quota can receive support for travel and accomodation. The next deadline is 1st October 2020.



Feb 11 2020

Dear LISA users

a few announcements concerning ESRF and LISA.

* ESRF has successfully started accumulating electrons in the EBS ring and the restart of the Users Program is confirmed for next Aug 25. During the period May-July LISA will be commissioned with the new beam and she is expected to be ready to welcome the users after the summer shutdown.

* for the second semester 2020 the call for proposal is now open with a deadline on next March 2. You are warmly invited to submit proposals to the ESRF beamtime quota. For the CRG quota we are refining the final details and more news will be diffused in the forthcoming weeks.

* On next July 1st one of the satellite events of the SILS meeting 2020 (Bologna June 29 - July 1) will be the "LISA users meeting". It will be an opportunity for hearing the latest news on the beamline, presenting your research and discuss with the beamline management on the future directions of this laboratory. All details can be found at the web page: https://eventi.unibo.it/sils-2020. In the "Abstracts" section you will find the template file (either poster or oral contributions can be submitted) and the session to select is "LISA users Meeting".

* the 2019 annual report is now ready and you will find it in attachment and at the usual URL: https://www.iom.cnr.it/gilda-reports

best regards




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