Structural and Molecular Biology
Host-Pathogen Interactions
 Dates:  5-6-7 February, 2008
 Venue:  ESRF Auditorium


ESRF Grenoble: Laurent TERRADOT, Myriam DHEZ
IBS, Grenoble: Andrea DESSEN, Dominique HOUSSET
EMBL, Grenoble: Daniel PANNE

Aim of the Workshop

Recent advances at the intersection of Structural biology and  Host-pathogen interactions have provided unprecedented information about the host- pathogen relationship. Detailed molecular studies are now available that describe how viruses, bacteria and other opportunistic pathogens invade, disturb and subvert their host cells and how these host cells respond to these attacks.

This workshop aims at shedding light on recent advances on selected pathogens and systems with a strong emphasis on what structural biology has brought to the field.  This three half days should allow scientists, post-docs and students from various fields to gather and share their experiences while enjoying the beautiful environment of the French Alps.


Scope of the workshop includes the following topics:

  • Bacterial adhesion to the host cell
  • Bacterial secretion of toxins
  • Virus replication and host cell factors
  • Subversion of the immune system
  • host-cell response