XFEL Standard diagnostics, Dirk

Development of cost efficient cavity BPM pick-ups, Boris

Bunch length measurements through 10GHz pick-up signals, Eric

Data acquisition system of TeraHz detectors & Optical powered Sensors in BLMs, Nigel

Single shot EOSD measurements at ANKA, Nicole

Visible light interferometer at ALBA, Ubaldo

Beam energy through Spin depolarization at ALBA, Ubaldo

Beam energy through Spin depolarization at the ESRF, Friederike

New ESRF BPM buttons, Kees

Review of PETRA-3 diagnostics, Gero

Results with Libera Spark, Kees

Libera performance with release 2.09, Angel

E-XFEL button BPM system, Boris

Ultra sensitive dark current measurements in the Injector, Kees

Purity measurements at SOLEIL, Nicolas

Different detectors for Tim-Corr. Single Photon Counting, Guenther

ESRF Halo monitor, Kees

Tune measurements through PLL excitation & I/Q Detector in FPGA, Guenther

E-XFEL Intra-bunch train feedback, Boris

Stability studies at SOLEIL, Nicolas

Fast Orbit response matrix measurements, Guenther

Problems setting up the Fast Orbit Feedback at ALBA, Angel

Beamloss detectors for the new ESRF Ring, Kees

Single bunch bursting measurement techniques at DLS, Guenther