The ESRF will now pay for dewar shipping, both to and from the beamline, for academic users who have been allocated beamtime on the fully automated beamline MASSIF-1 upto 1 dewar per shift (3 dewars / 24 hours).

We highly recommend that you use the dewar tracking system that has been implemented in ISPyB in order track your shipment to and from the beamline.  Click here for instructions. Please aim to send your dewars 2 working days before the slot booked in the MASSIF-1 Google Calander (click here for a list of French public holidays). As MASSIF-1 employs a queuing system, your samples will be processed even if there is a delay.

Please contact Matthew Bowler for help.

Once the details of your shipment have been completed in ISPyB please arrange for your dewars to be picked up by FedEx. Instructions on how to label and address your dewars can be found here - in order to make sure shipping costs are covered for your samples on MASSIF-1 please follow the instructions below very carefully:

  1. On the FedEx website, login using your institutional credentials and go to the Shipment Manager
  2. Fill in the destination address : ESRF Magasin,71 avenue des Martyrs, 38000 Grenoble. Tel: 33(0)476882733. Fax:33(0)476882347
  3. Fill in the details of the dewars - the weight of a cold CP100 dewar with pucks is 20 kg and a customs value of €50 should be selected
  4. Please use Priority Overnight shipping
  5. Dewar dimensions are 40 x 40 x 60 cm3
  6. Please select "Include a return label" . This will allow the seemless return of your dewars
  7. For billing information please select the recipient to be billed
  8. Enter the ESRF account number that has been given to your BAG responsible and put MASSIF1 in the "your reference" field

Please be aware that any abuse of the account number (ie shipments not to or from the ESRF for experiments on MASSIF-1) will result in the BAG having the right to send dewars revoked.

See below for an example of a shipping document (click for full size image):