The year 2000 will undoubtedly be one of the best years at the ESRF with its abundance of records. With 5352 hours of beam delivered for use, out of 5552 hours scheduled, the availability of the Machine reached 96.4%, an increase of 1% compared to last year. It is worth noting that the availability throughout every run never went below 95.6% ! The other major figure of merit is the Mean Time Between Failures. This reached 38 hours in 2000, to be compared to 32 hours in 1999. Once again, it should be noted that the MTBF, taken run by run, was never less than 31 hours and that the maximum was obtained during the last run with 45 hours. The improvement of these two important figures of merit reflects a decrease of both repetitive failures and 'long-term' failures. The record time of unperturbed beam delivery was reached during run 2000-03 with 360 hours (15 days) of delivery, interrupted only by the Machine Dedicated Time. (See Table 1

Table 1: General figures for 2000, detailed run by run.
Table 1