Beamtime Application for a Structural Biology Rolling Proposal

Guidelines for preparing a
(MX or SSX) Crystallography proposal or a BioSAXS proposal

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Find a Beamline
Status of the beamlines for the 1st March 2022 deadline


This type of proposal must ONLY be used:

  • by scientists who are NOT already members of a MX BAG Proposal,
  • to apply for Structural Biology beamtime on the Structural Biology beamlines (ID23 - ID29 - BM29 - ID30A (MASSIF) - ID30B - BM07):
    • for Crystallography experiments on the beamlines ID23 - ID30A (MASSIF) - ID30B - BM07
    • for Serial Synchrotron Crystallography (SSX) and Time Resolved SSX (TR-SSX) experiments on the beamline ID29
    • for Biological SAXS (BioSAXS) experiments on the beamline BM29

For Applications for beamtime on OTHER BEAMLINES than the Structural Biology beamlines mentioned above:

For Rolling applications for beamtime to use the Cryo-Electron Microscope CM01 (SPA / Cryo-ET beamtime):


SANS-SAXS Experiments (Joint ESRF/ILL Experiments)

In order to improve access to the complementary techniques of SAXS and SANS, users submitting a SANS proposal to the ILL have the option to ask (on the proposal form) for complementary SAXS measurements on the instrument BM29 through the PSB SANS Platform. If the proposal is awarded beam time at the ILL, the proposers are invited to submit a "Rolling Access" proposal to the ESRF for BioSAXS time and the related ILL proposal number is given on the proposal form and in the email notification of submission, thereby identifying it as a "Joint Proposal
If the proposals are awarded beam time at both the ILL and the ESRF, every effort will be made to schedule the experiments in such a way that SAXS and SANS data can be collected on the same samples during one visit to the EPN site.