The experimental hutch starts just after the safety beam shutter located in the optic hutch. This hutch is also driven by the Personal Safety System rules and that is where the user experiments will be carried out.



Experiment and optical Element

Monochromatic beam attenuators

Three sets of four different thickness of Aluminium or Carbon foils

Experimental table

A solid block of granit to support the experimental devices (slit box, fast shutter, diffractometer and detector)

Slit box

Two pairs of vertical and horizontal Tungsten carbide blades

Fast Shutter

Stepper motor axis with a 2mm hole


Air bearing spindle axis with less than 2 micron sphere of confusion from MAATEL


crystal cooling nitrogen stream from Oxford Cryosystems

Fluorescence detector

Si drift chamber detector from Rontec

X-ray Diffraction Detector

Q315R CCD detector from ADSC