In addition to its research activity, the ESRF has significant equipment and developed considerable off-line expertise centred in specialised support laboratories, all of which are available to commercial clients.

Long trace profiler

A custom-built laser instrument measuring the deflection by the mirror of a scanned beam with an optoelectronics sensor giving a lateral resolution of 2 mm over a range of 1.5 metres with a slope error precision better than 0.2 µradian rms. Specific software developments permit, for example, the automatic figuring of benders towards a programmed elliptical shape.
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The Crystal Laboratory

Charged with manufacturing perfect crystal monochromators for all ESRF beamlines. Most crystals are made from top purity silicon float zone ingots 100 mm in diameter and up to 1 m long that can be obtained from industry. The task is then to transform these ingots into objects, sometimes very complex, of various sizes and shapes.
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The Multilayer Laboratory

Charged with of the development and the production of multilayer coatings for X-ray optical devices. The core of the laboratory is a sputter deposition facility where substrates up to 100 cm long and 15 cm wide can be coated with multilayers of desired repetition period and lateral thickness gradient. If necessary, depth-graded layered structures can be deposited to tailor the obtained reflectivity profile.
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Scientific and engineering expertise

For any service that relates to synchrotron X-ray studies conducted at the ESRF, including interpretation of study results, consultancy work, training on a particular synchrotron technique or any other service, the BDO is able to offer you the expertise of ESRF scientists and engineers.

Should you be interested by any of the above, please contact the Business Development Office.