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Sample modulation by high photon densities: desired and undesired effects

ESRF - EBS Workshop Series


EBS workshop on
Sample modulation by high photon densities: desired and undesired effects

ESRF - Grenoble - France
11-13 December 2019

Venue   ESRF auditorium

Scientific Organisers


Pieter Glatzel, ID26
Narayanan Theyencheri, ID-2
Manfred Burghammer, ID13
Alexander Popov, ID23-1

Event organiser   Anne-Françoise Maydew - Sonya Girodon



The very high photon densities that will be achieved with EBS will in many experiments modify the sample or its environment in a way that will affect the collected data. Such effects include structural modifications, bond breaking, photopolymerization, transport phenomena, redox processes, heating, change of macroscopic properties (e.g. electrical conductivity) or external conditions (e.g. ionization of surrounding gas molecules, …). The aim of this workshop is to make the entire ESRF user community aware of these problems by emphasizing all aspects of such sample alteration that may in some cases actually be desired. Assessment of beam damage, determination of acceptable doses, plausible mechanisms as well as mitigating strategies will be discussed.


Registration fee

Registration fee: 100€
Workshop dinner: 40€

The registration fee includes lunches/dinners at the EPN restaurant, poster session buffet and coffee breaks. Invited speakers will be accommodated at the EPN campus guest house. For regular participants, we propose a list of hotels downtown Grenoble with negotiated rates.

Participants have to arrange and pay for their own travel to/from Grenoble.

Call for abstracts

You are all invited to propose contributions to talks or posters by submitting an abstract via the electronic registration.


Submission of abstracts for talk or poster: 15/11/2019

Confirmation for oral contributions: 25/11/2019

Registration: 25/11/2019