January 2024: Since mid-January, protests by farmers are taking place across France. Actions include blocking major roads and delaying traffic. As a result, you may expect delays during your travel to and from the ESRF.  We apologize for any inconvenience due to these actions that are, unfortunately, beyond our control.



The 33rd ESRF User Meeting took place onsite in February 2023, marking the return to in-person gatherings after two years of remote meetings. It was a delightful experience to witness the auditorium filled with scientists from all across Europe, engaging in discussions and sharing ideas over a communal buffet. Last year, the User Meeting set a new record for attendance, and we look forward to the same level of enthusiasm and participation in the 2024 ESRF User Meeting.

The User Meeting holds great significance in the scientific life of ESRF, providing users with valuable opportunities for training in data analysis through Tutorials. Attendees can also benefit from attending cutting-edge scientific presentations showcasing the forefront capabilities of the ESRF beamlines. Additionally, micro-symposia offer a platform for gathering with their scientific communities. With the meeting being held onsite, fruitful discussions can take place with local ESRF staff, fostering collaborations, reflecting on previous experiments, and preparing proposals that leverage the unique performance of the ESRF-EBS.



Monday 5 February 2024


11 tutorials of direct interest to ESRF users will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the fundamental principles of techniques, through beamline control tools, to optimisation of data measurements and the best exploitation of these data as well as a science communication tutorial.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Plenary Session

Keynote Speakers Five Keynote Speakers
  • Dr. Beatrice Vallone, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy
  • Dr. Andrei V. Petukhov, Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Dr. Giovanna Fragneto, European Spallation Source ERIC, Lund Sweden
  • Prof. Andreas Schaefer,The Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Francesco Sette, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France
Young Scientist Award Young Scientist Award
Director's science and facility report Directors' science and facility report
Poster Session Poster session: clips and prizes
Commercial Exhibition Commercial exhibition of synchrotron-related equipment
Banquet Welcome and Awards banquet

Wednesday 7 February 2024

4 User-Dedicated Microsymposia

UDM1. Towards filming macromolecular movies at the ESRF-EBS

Organising Committee Adriana Miele (UOC)
Daniele de Sanctis (ESRF)
Montserrat Soler-Lopez (ESRF)


UDM2. Machine learning and databases in X-ray spectroscopy

Organising Committee Guillaume Morard (UOC)
Alberto Martinelli (UOC)
Pieter Glatzel (ESRF)
Marius Retegan (ESRF)
Christoph Sahle (ESRF)
Mauro Rovezzi (CNRS/ESRF)


UDM3. Complementary use of inelastic and diffuse scattering

Organising Committee Beatrice Ruta (UOC)
Alexey Bosak (ESRF)
Daniel Chaney (ESRF)


UDM4. Introduction to the ESRF HOAHub: Creating an Atlas of Human Organs in Health, Ageing and Disease

Organising Committee Barbara Fayard (UOC)
Hector Dejea (ESRF)
Joseph Brunet (UCL)
Peter Lee (UCL)
Xue Ruikang (UCL)
Claire Walsh (UCL)


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