Venue   ESRF Auditorium
Scientific committee  

Sandra Cabeza (ILL)
Ennio Capria (ESRF)
Yunhui Chen (RMIT)
Alexander Rack (ESRF)

Local committee  

Duncan Atkins (ILL)
 Andrea Francesco Ciuffini (ESRF)
Richard Davies (ILL)
Brigitte Dublouloz (ILL)
Sarah Kelleher (ILL)
Stephanie Monfront (ILL)
Arnold Paecklar (ILL)

Contact   WAM2024@ill.fr


Registration is open - Workshop webpage (https://workshops.ill.fr/event/400/)

Registration deadline: Sunday 10 March 2024



This workshop is part of the commitment of the ESRF within the Work Package 7 in EASI-STRESS European Project: Dissemination, communication and outreach. It is a two-day event organised by ESRF and ILL and will be held on 23-24 April 2024.

Additive manufacturing (AM) has skyrocketed in visibility both in science and commercially and this will spur and accelerate advancement on both applied and research planes. Product commercialisation is growing and diversifying rapidly, with ongoing research and development increasing at a rapid pace. Further, AM processes are maturing and, as the enabling technologies are getting better and cheaper, new opportunities arise, opening new horizons. The promise of distributed manufacturing, which has the potential to have an impact comparable to that of distributed computing, is becoming feasible.

This will be the third edition of the Workshop on Additive Manufacturing (WAM) 2024. This event is funded by the funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 953219 / EASI-STRESS project and it will be organised in collaboration between the ESRF and the ILL.

WAM 2024 is scheduled for the 23-24 of April 2024, in the ESRF Auditorium. Alexander Rack (ID19 scientist & Additive Manufacturing Hub coordinator) will present the ESRF show case on the first day and Andrea Francesco Ciuffini (BDO) will be the designated reference person for the organisation on behalf of ESRF. Secretarial support will be all provided by the ILL.

The workshop will focus on how synchrotron X-rays and neutrons can contribute to tackle some of the most significant challenges in metal additive manufacturing, exploring this evolving field of material processing with a range of new parameters from process qualification to component certification. The primary objective of this event is to bring together industry and applied sciences specialists to address key manufacturing issues related to the final quality assessment of products, thereby promoting advancements in additive manufacturing, enabled by advanced characterisation. The agenda will cover new insights into characterisation for process and component standards and certification, as well as provide experimental benchmark input for modelling. Space and aerospace applications will be highlighted due to their cutting-edge requirements, demonstrating future perspectives and challenges. Open discussions and interactions will be encouraged during the workshop.

WAM2024 is being held in conjunction with a school on residual stress organised by ILL and which will follow on immediately after WAM2024. The school is organised by Sandra Cabeza (ILL) and will be held in the Science Building.


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