Registration is NOW open.

Participants are invited to register through the electronic registration form.

Deadline for registration
Sunday 1st September 2022


The registration fee(s) must be paid BEFORE the workshop starts - Tuesday 4th October at the latest.

Only participants who are fully registered with their registration fee(s) paid will be authorised to enter the EPN Site and to attend the workshop.

After the deadline of 1st September, the registration form will remain available to those already registered who wish to pay their fees or submit documents. For any other modifications of their registration form they should contact the organisers by e-mail.

Registration Fee

All fees are VAT INCLUSIVE

  •  50 euros: regular participant without room at the guesthouse
  • 100 euros: regular participant with room at the guesthouse

The registration fee will be waived for the invited speakers, CRG and ESRF staff.

The fee allows participation in:

  •     Up to three nights at the guesthouse
  •     Breakfasts
  •     Coffee breaks
  •     Cocktail during the Poster Session
  •     Conference dinner


The payment of the fees is part of the electronic registration application and can be made:

In the case where the payment is subject to the Submission of an INVOICE (payment of the fees by your institute), your institute must issue an ORDER: click HERE

Credit Card - Electronic Payment

Visa, CB and MasterCard are accepted for a SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT of the fee. Access to the electronic payment in the last page of your registration form.

Bank Cheque

  • Cheques are payable in Euro (drawn on a French bank) and made payable to "ESRF".
  • If your laboratory or institute is making out the cheque, clearly identify the participant(s) it covers: in the "Registration and Fees" page of the electronic registration form, please write down the participants' names who are covered by the payment. The names will be automatically transferred to your "Payment Form"  - please print out and sign.

  • Send the cheque, together with the above signed "Payment Form" to:

    Attention Eleanor Ryan
    CS 40220
    F-38043 GRENOBLE Cedex 9

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers should be made in Euro to the account below:    

. Branch: Ent Montbonnot
. Account name: ESRF SYNCHROTRON
. Sort Code: 16807-00101
. IBAN Code: FR76 1680 7001 0100 1210 7666 054
. Account number: 00 121 07 66 60 - 54
. Address: 2 avenue du Grésivaudan - F-38700 CORENC
. Bank Reference: Quantum Materials + Participant's Name

  • All charges incurred must be covered by the participants.
  • Clearly identify all participants who are covered by the Bank Transfer in the "Registration and Fees" page of the electronic registration form. The names will be automatically transferred to your "Payment Form"  - please print out and sign.
  • Send a copy of the bank transfer, together with your "Payment Form" above:

    Preferably by email scan to
    or by post to:
    Attention Claudine Roméro
    CS 40220
    F-38043 GRENOBLE Cedex 9

  • Bring a copy with you to the meeting, as proof of payment

Submission of an invoice

Important: If payment is subject to the submission of an invoice, please make sure your Institute sends us (address below)  the order, with the following information:

  • Name of the paying Institute / Organization
  • Address where the invoice should be sent to
  • Name of participant(s) concerned
  • Amount of registration fees (N.B.: all registration fees mentioned are VAT inclusive)
  • Subject of the order
  • VAT number


A receipt will be issued once the payment has been registered. The receipt will be sent by email to the participant in due course and in all cases before the Workshop.