Welcome and presentation of the ESRF - Francesco Sette (DG ESRF)

Neutrons Production - Ulli Köster (ILL)

Neutron Instrumentation - Eddy Lelièvre-Berna (ILL)

Neutrons and their Interaction with Matter - Mark Johnson (ILL)

Principles of Synchrotron Radiation - Nicola Carmignani (ESRF)

X-ray Instrumentation - Raymond Barrett (ESRF)

X-rays and their Interaction with Matter - Luigi Paolasini (ESRF)

Soft Matter Studies with X-rays - Narayanan Theyencheri (ESRF)

Neutron Diffraction - Juan Rodriguez Carjaval (ILL)

X-ray Imaging - Alexander Rack (ESRF)

Soft Matter Studies with Neutrons - Giovanna Fragneto (ILL)

X-ray Diffraction - Tobias Schulli (ESRF)

Neutron Spectroscopy - Andrew Wildes (ILL)

Inelastic Neutron scattering - Mechthild Enderle (ILL)

Nuclear & Particle Physics - Olivier Zimmer (ILL)

Magnetism and X-ray Dichroism - Andrei Rogalev (ESRF)

X-ray Studies under Extreme Conditions - Mohamed Mezouar (ESRF)

Synchrotron Radiation and Structural Biology - Gordon Leonard (ESRF)

X-ray Coherence - Vincent Favre-Nicolin (ESRF)